• Acid-resistant Castable

Acid-resistant Castable

  • Al2O3 :≥2.20
  • Acid Resistance %:≥98.5
  • Cold Crushing Strength (1350℃×24h) Mpa:≥45
  • Bulk Density (110℃×24h) g/cm3:≥2.20
  • Cold Crushing Strength (110℃×24h) Mpa:≥30
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Acid-resistant Castable
Acid-resistant castable is made of synthetic mullite as main raw material, infinitesimal water absorption rate material as substrate, adding the micro powder and composite coagulation accelerator.
1. Acid erosion resistance is≥98%.
2. High content of water and anchoring agent.
It is widely used for linings of various furnace


Acid-resistant Castable

Bulk Density (110℃×24h)  g/cm3


Cold Crushing Strength  (110℃×24h)   Mpa


Cold Crushing Strength (1350℃×24h)   Mpa


Particle Size         mm


AL2O3              %


Acid Resistance       %


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