• Pre Cast Door for Coke Oven

Pre Cast Door for Coke Oven

  • ω(Al2O3) /% : ≥50
  • ω(MgO) /%:≥3
  • Apparent Porosity /% :≤28
  • Bulk Density /g/cm3 :≥2.1
  • Cold Crushing Strength /MPa :≥35
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Pre-cast door is shaped by high frequency vibration. The unformed material has low porosity, high density and good uniformity. With covering microcrystalline ceramic refractory on the door surface, 
the pre-cast door has high strength, good abrasion resistance and erosion resistance.  
1. Simple structure and easy to install
2. Good integrality and impermeability
3. Longer service life and help to save labor cost
4. Energy-saving and environment-friendly


Pre-cast Door for Coke Oven

ω(Al2O3) /%                                       


ω(MgO) /%                                       


Apparent Porosity /%                              


Bulk Density /g/cm3                                


Cold Crushing Strength /MPa                       


Rupture Strength  /MPa                           


Thermal Conductivity /W/(m·K)1000 (Heating side)  


Thermal Shock Resistance(1100, water cooling) /cycle 


Comparison between new type and traditional type

New Type Pre-cast Oven Door

Traditional Oven Door


Easy to install
The fastening bolts have been inserted in the precast. The precast oven door is clamped to the door structure directly by that bolts.


The oven door installation is very complicated.

The oven door is more air impermeability.

The new type oven door consists of 6 or 7 precast refractory glazing crystalline ceramic refractory surface. The whole oven door exist 5 or 6 joints.

Traditional oven door has more joints. The joints are easy to become bigger owing to long time mechanical operation. The air impermeability and insulating ability is worse. Heat loss, gas leakage and environment pollution are more serious.

Crystalline ceramic refractory glaze have high refractoriness, good bonding performance and malleability, good thermal shock resistance. During the operation, the glaze have good spalling resistance under rapid variation of temperature.

The raw materials of traditional door don’t have good mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance.



The maintenance times and costs are reduced, and the labor cost is decreased 70%.

Frequent repair and maintenance cost is high.

Energy-saving and environment-friendly

Good heat insulation


Less heat loss
Improve the carbonization rate


Energy consumption and environment pollution

Gas leakage

Yellow smoke

Heat dissipation

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