• alumina-spinel-brick
  • alumina-spinel-brick

Magnesia-alumina Spinel Brick

  • MgO, %:≥82
  • AL2O3, %:13-15
  • Volume Density, g/cm3:≥2.98
  • Apparent Porosity, %:≤17
  • Refractoriness Under Load,℃,[0.2MPa×0.6%]:≥1700
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Magnesia-alumina spinel brick is a new product developed by Cunse according to the development of building material industry and the characteristics of all kinds of lime kilns.
The product has the advantages of good alkali-resistance, good erosion resistance, good thermal stability, high crushing strength, and high refractoriness under load.
All kinds of large and medium sized lime kilns, such as rotary kiln, sleeve kiln, and shaft kiln.


Magnesia-alumina Spinel brick

MgO,  %


AL2O3,  %


Fe2O3,  %


Volume Density,   g/cm3


Apparent Porosity,  %


Cold Crushing Strength, Mpa


Refractoriness Under Load,℃, [0.2MPa×0.6%]


Thermal Shock Resistance,Cycles [1100℃,Water-cooling]


Refractoriness, ℃


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