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New Type Refractory Materials Are Important to Improve the Competitiveness of China's Iron and Steel Industry


New Type Refractory Materials Are Important to Improve the Competitiveness of China's Iron and Steel Industry


Compared with International advanced level, China's iron and steel industry production energy consumption is higher, the per ton energy consumption of steel production is 20%-40% higher than the international level, is 320kg standard coal higher than Japan. It shows, China's iron and steel industry energy consumption is high and has huge potential for energy saving and consumption reduction, therefore, doing a good job of energy conservation and consumption reduction is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of China's steel industry.


The significance of new type refractories

In the recent 20 years, China's steel industry has great development in its output and varieties. In order to adapt to this development, after the construction of "Seventh Five-Year Plan", "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, China's refractories continue to upgrade the varieties and equipment, the variety has increased more than ten major categories totaling more than 100 brands, changed the structure of the four major varieties of traditional clay, high-alumina, siliceous, and Magnesium products in the past. According to the development focus of the steel industry during the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, although steel production will not have a big increase, but the ratio of continuous casting and refining of steel will continue to increase, equipment continues to be large and modern. These characteristics prompt the refractories continue to improve the quality and expand the varieties, at the same time, produce some specific refractory materials around energy saving and consumption reduction.


New type refractories development trend

In recent years, with the promotion of new processes and new technologies for steel production, and energy saving and environmental protection requirements, all of them put forward more special requirements for new refractories. From the perspective of future trends, new types of refractory materials will include high-performance structural refractory materials and functional refractory materials.


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