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Problems in the operation of refractory industry in 2018


Problems in the operation of refractory industry in 2018

In 2018, from the perspective of the refractories market demand , the market demand for refractories will also remain stable. Therefore, refractories manufacturers must pay attention to the following issues:

1. At present, it is the best opportunity to standardize the market order and increase the degree of industrial concentration.
Due to factors such as market, capital, and environmental protection rectification, some small and medium-sized enterprises were discontinued or went out of business. The transformation of the business model of the refractory market led the market transfer to large-scale advantageous enterprises.

2. Make refractory raw material market price stable 
Stabilize the price of fire-resistant raw materials, prevent serious ups and downs, start from the source, and control the total amount.

3. At present, it is the best time for refractory products price rise steadily and the quality of business operation improve steadily.
Since 2017, under the general situation of strengthening national environmental protection governance, the local governments of major refractory production regions have formulated a series of rectification measures for pollution emission policies, which have brought opportunities for price adjustment of refractory products.

4. The export price of major refractory materials is lower than the domestic market price
In 2017, the average price of major refractory raw materials exports fell far below the domestic market prices, which should cause great concern to the whole industry, especially exporting enterprises.

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