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The favorable conditions for the development of electric furnace steel are gradually emerging


       The favorable conditions for the development of electric furnace steel are gradually emerging

         On April 17th, Yin Ruiyun, the academician of China Engineering Academy, honorary President of the Iron and Steel Research Institute, during the 2018 China EAF Steel Development Forum said: In the next 20 years, China's scrap steel resources will grow rapidly, will has an important impact on the steel industry's process structure, steel plant model, steel plant layout, ferrite resource consumption, energy consumption and carbon emission, then contributes to the social green and ecological harmony.

Xianong, the inspector of Industry Coordination Department of National Development and Reform Commission. Xiebin, the deputy director of the Department of Iron and Steel, Department of Raw Materials Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, both attend this forum and make a keynote speech. Zhao Pei, executive vice chairman of the China Metal Society.  Wang Xinjiang, secretary general of the China Metal Society, respectively presided the morning and afternoon forums.

In recent years, the development of China's electric furnace production technology has apparently been stagnant, the technology reserves have been obviously insufficient, and scientific and technological achievements have been lacking. Enterprises must have long-term considerations, and they must work hard to meet high-end demand and enrich product supply in EAF steel.

         It is necessary to actively create a favorable policy environment, encourage enterprises to build scrap steel processing recycling processing centers, and increase efforts to dismantle, distribute, recycle, and utilize social steel scrap.

         When iron and steel enterprises independently decide to build projects including electric furnaces, they must strictly implement capacity replacement in accordance with the provisions of the capacity replacement method, and prohibit the production of new capacity. This is the bottom line of China's steel industry policy.