CUNSE Culture

Safe, high quality refractory bricks, reflecting our commitment to protecting and improving the environment in which we live.
We are constantly striving to develop higher quality refractory materials and bring about metallurgy-wide improvements in sustainability.
With the technical innovation in the modern society, Cunse has noticed the importance of self-improvement. Cunse’s operating philosophy is to produce safe, sustainable bricks, and reflects our deep commitment to protecting and improving the environment in which we work and live.
However, we believe there is no room for complacency, which is why Cunse’s 56 scientists are constantly striving to develop cleaner brick making processes and greener refractory products.
One example is our zero thermal expansion bricks.
By lowing down the expansion rate of bricks, less needs to be used.
Our zero thermal expansion silica brick, which has been used in building on coke ovens such as No. 2 coke oven in Japan, can improve the output and expand the service life.
Innovation permeates everything we do at Cunse.
The ability to put forward innovative solutions has always been CUNSE major asset.
Research and development (R&D) helps us to realize CUNSE´s ambitions in technological innovation, to support its sustainability goals as well as ensuring future growth. The teams of engineers are constantly on the lookout for new technological solutions that will best attend to our customers’ needs in terms of industrial and financial performance, ensure the safety, reliability and service life of our plants and equipment and also meet environmental challenges. CUNSE keeps technical cooperation with Chinese top universities and Japanese Kurosaki Harima Company. Composite silica brick products which rewarded national patent were co-developed with Zhengzhou University. The physical and chemical performances of super coke oven silica brick which brand is SCOPE21 made for Japanese national projects have reached or exceeded international advanced level.