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17th China Coking Technology and Coke Market International Conference


 Sponsored by China Iron and Steel Association and China Coking Industry Association, hosted by metallurgical industry branch of China Council for The Promotion of International Trade and Metallurgical Industry International Exchange and Cooperation Center, the 17th China Coking Technology and Coke Market International Conference was successfully held in TaiYuan International Hotel, Shanxi Province on September 4, 2019.

This conference invited the relevant government departments, industry associations, coking, iron and steel enterprise, the coking coal suppliers, consultants and technical equipment suppliers participating. This Conference focused on the operation and structure adjustment direction of the coking and iron and steel industry, steel and coke market trends, coking enterprise production organization and management optimization, the coking technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection issues.

China Coking Technology and Coke Market International Conference is an important international conference held to promote technological progress and industrial restructuring of the coking industry, strengthen research and analysis of coke market changes, and enhance exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign coke production, enterprises, scientific research design and engineering construction. Since its establishment in 2002, the conference has become an international event with high grade, great influence and authority in coking industry at home and abroad.

Cunse Group has been paying close attention to the progress of the conference since the inception of the conference. In this conference, Cunse Group had in-depth communication with experts and scholars of coking technology and products of silica brick, zero thermal expansion silicon brick for coke oven. 

At this meeting, Cunse Group attracted wide attention with professional services and high-quality products. There is a good foundation for the next cooperation in Coke Oven Silica Bricks.

See you next time at the 18th China coking technology and coke market international conference 2020.