About Us


CUNSE Group is committed to manufacturing and researching refractory materials, including design, production, testing, R&D and EPC services.

CUNSE now has 11 production lines, including eight silica brick lines, and each one of mullite brick, high alumina brick, insulating brick and monolithic line. The annual production capacity is 310,000 tons which is composed of 250,000 tons for hot blast stove, coke oven, glass kiln and carbon furnace; 35,000 tons for mullite brick, high alumina brick and acid brick; 15,000 tons for insulating brick and insulating mullite brick, and 10,000 tons of molithics.

CUNSE keeps technical cooperation with Chinese top universities and Japanese Kurosaki Harima Company. Composite silica brick products which rewarded national patent were co-developed with Zhengzhou University. The physical and chemical performance of super coke oven silica brick which brand is SCOPE21 made for Japanese national projects have reached or exceeded international advanced level.

CUNSE and Netherlands Heatte Q Company established co-invested and co-developed company iruipu which focus on inspection and maintenance service for high temperature furnaces in Asian market.